water damage
Water Leak Detection | 2020-10-09
Water damage costs roughly $250M per year in Canada and a basement flood can cost $43,000 on average to repair.
water leak detector
Water Leak Detection | 2020-10-01
Did you know that more than 60% of insurance claims are about water damage? A water leak detector could save all this trouble and get you insurance discounts.
smart thermostat
Smart Home | 2020-09-28
A Smart Thermostat integrated with a Smart Security System, can do so much!
smart home security
Smart Home | 2020-09-24
Having a smart home isn't enough if it's not connected with the right security system to keep you and your assets safe.
ip cameras
Cameras | 2020-09-22
IP Cameras are a great solution whether you're looking for a classic security camera system for your house or for a small business.
home security
Home Security | 2020-09-18
Most people think of home security as break-in prevention, and understandably so, but it's far more than this.
smart home lights
Smart Home | 2020-09-16
Smart home monitoring will allow you to automate many things around your house. Heating, lights, garage doors, locks, and way more.
photoelectric smoke detector fire
Fire | 2020-08-31

Your smoke detector is most likely an ionization smoke detector. Ninety percent of homes have ionization smoke detectors instead of photoelectric smoke detectors, and the families in those homes are at much greater risk for the unthinkable.

home security cameras
Cameras | 2020-08-27

It’s become way too easy for thieves to break into your home. Home security camera systems can create a sense of calm in you by slowing down a would-be intruder and making them think twice about knocking you over.

carbon monoxide
Carbon Monoxide | 2020-08-24

Carbon monoxide isn’t the top-of-mind concern in home security, but its subtlety is what makes it so dangerous. Colourless, odourless and tasteless, it’s a gas that is almost imperceptible, but most definitely deadly, even in small quantities from a small leak.